After the Brexit Vote: How We’ll Be Okay (Part 2 of 2)

A little more than half of 70-odd percent of British people have just voted to leave the European Union. It looks like things will be more difficult over the next few years – not just for Britain, but for the entire region and parts of the world. It is difficult to tell right now. The questions to ask now are: Given a Brexit vote,

  1. What are the facts on what follows (tried to find a few in Part 1 here)?
  2. What do we (all of us) do to make sure everyone is okay?

Why did I instigate the BABWorks? Because it’s a way to unite people who are different and who think differently. Because it strengthens the local community and economy. I said to someone in March that if we do what we do well, it wouldn’t matter as much which way the vote went – you guys will be okay.*

The BABWorks is a club built on the principles of inclusion, collaboration and love. It’s a club whose activities will incidentally help cohesion across society and the city so that fear and hate don’t rule.

Uniting after division instead of giving in to hate and bitterness is how we’re going to be okay. Letting ourselves feel what we feel without hating is how to be okay. And then figuring out what to do next is how to be okay.

So I encourage people to listen to what people like @alightheart, @artsemergency and @PialiDG are Tweeting (even if it’s hard sometimes):

It’s the same refrain when democracy is exercised: disagree and battle it out (though this is always done a bit too acrimoniously for my tastes), let voices be heard, decide,

then unite and do things to make life better.




* I say “you” because I’m a Philippine national married to a European expat living in the UK. I had no vote for the referendum, and either way, within the next year or two, I’ll be moving to a different country. It’s got nothing to do with whether Britain stays in the EU or not, but because it’s the natural course of the life I live: I am a 21st century nomad.

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