Here We Go Again

Some Other Beginning’s End

Hey there.

It’s closing time for some old stuff. SFT has once again morphed, and here’s the caterpillar picture:

SFT transforming May 2020

You are already looking at the butterfly – check out the new old header. When I started this blog, it was for [SFT], a sci-fi novel. So we have come full circle, but up a level in the spiral staircase of human existence.

I’m taking [SFT] stuff off the top tabs – you will see that the synopsis is now the blurb on the back of the book, the draft of which is available here on Amazon for a donation price. If can afford to spend $169.99 or £107.67 and you want to support me in continuing to produce this book, please buy it. Proceeds will go to the team that turns this book into something that can be shared with the world.

Otherwise, it’s all published on Medium. Start reading here: PART I Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, and then the rest should come in chronological order by date of publishing after that. In 2017, I started uploading the draft chapter by chapter on Medium to test serialising a publication. A month later, I burnt out from stress, and thought I was going to die, so I frantically uploaded the rest as quickly as I could.

The Next Episode

All the different threads of my life are now coming together. Integrity is on the horizon, at last.

In August 2019, I wrote some words while sitting in one of my homes – the Library of Birmingham – while my baby was napping, and they ring true louder and clearer today:

  • “Making basic accounting and finance available to underserved populations, especially marginalized communities.
  • Joining forces with fellow upskillers around the world to multiply the good we are trying to do for people in our own different ways. And to strive to ensure we are all able to obtain the things to satisfy our basic needs so that we all feel well.
  • Getting different kinds of people to work together to think holistically about both the challenges of and solutions to climate change.”

Now, in May 2020, I sing these three themes in harmony in one song, feeling safe and loved by a circle of caring fellow travellers that grows ever wider. This song is a braid of three projects corresponding to the themes above:

enmeshed within a bigger tapestry woven by each individual with whom I have the pleasure of serving. Our braids and threads come together and a pattern of thriving, loving kindness emerges.

The rest of the journey unfolds on the path unwinding in the circle of life, and I walk along with gratitude in my vastly more open heart. May we all be ready for the next episode.

Soundtrack Gratitude

Thank you for the songlines,

And thank you to You for all the songs. You show me that indeed and always, I AM enough.

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