NaNoWIP Excerpt – 13 Friday 2020

Darkness Bloom to Radiation of Warmth

“Sa(line above the a)mkya establishes both an underlying cause that is unchanging and a visible reality filled with forms that are constantly changing. The causal phenomena of all these diverse forms are one invisible source. It is beyond our vision and perception and is described by negative adjectives such as formless, colorless and weightless. Whatever we see in the diverse world is a projection of this single cause.” p. 1 Introduction by Swami Bawra, Samhkya Karika with Gaudapadacarya Bhasya, Revised ed.


Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra


Samhkya Karika with Gaudapadacarya Bhasya, Revised ed.

I’m not quite sure what just happened there, but it was certainly curious. 

Adenosine (Part 1)

I asked Twitter questions about ATP/ADP and Active Inference answered the best Tweet answer ever.

Here’s the code to embed the Tweet:

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>I &quot;know&quot; that ADP and ATP cycle through each other. But how do our bodies make ADP/ATP in the first place?<br><br>Do the sugar part &amp; the other part un-bond and rebond or does ADP just hang out until it becomes ATP?<br><br>Do we have a &quot;set number&quot; throughout our lives?<a href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#SciComms</a&gt; <a href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#phdchat</a></p>&mdash; Jax (she/her) 11,978/50K (@mama_counting) <a href=””>November 12, 2020</a></blockquote>

I wonder whether it includes the whole thread. I suppose I can try, on one of my 20 WordPress blogs. Ha!

Anyway, adenosine is something very, very special.

Runningcommentary: I can’t honorably win NaNoWriMo with a word count of 50,000 words – to be comfortable, I’m upping my mental threshold to 60,000 words, because my 50,000 words need to be net of the blue words of others. The curious thing about pantsing a novel that’s actually a research paper autobiography journal legal contract set of corporate documents and love letters.

Dear Zero-verse,

It hurts a lot, this inky pitch of sparked stung wave that fills my thoracic cavity. Last night – maybe yesterday afternoon – I was overcome suddenly by unexpected waves of emptiness and grief, which came after a period of flashes of impossible images. And this morning, words said in jest set of an oil spill in my chest.

I tried a different response, and the black bloom turned into a warmth, a clear warmth. But that black bloom is there now, ebbing and flowing against the shores of my consciousness. I suspect it is a signal for a boundary. The mechanism by which this works is through electromagnetic forces and proteins. We are in the process of understanding this mentally, but more in the capacity of a hobby, because in our Heart we know, truly, that this is simply the beauty of existence.


The entity called “Jax” by some other entities

Organizing: Multi-Tweet and Multi-Page Notation

This @InferenceActive 3-Tweet from 13 November 2020 gives us a master class in optimum notation when posting multiple Tweets in a thread in a situation where you have no idea how long your thread is going to be. See the following:

“ADP can get a phosphate added onto it to become ATP (i.e. is recharged), through the enzyme ATP synthase:… which is like a turbine in the mitochondrial membrane. So ADP and ATP (and AMP) are in a rapid cycling, rapidly being (de)/(re)-phosphorylated 1/n.”

“AMP can be obtained from de novo synthesis:… , or from consuming AMP in one’s diet. The “A” in DNA’s A/T/C/G comes from ATP…. So eating cells/DNA, gives you more A*P’s 2/n.”

“Also GTP, CTP, and TTP are used as co-factors/energy sources in cellular processes, and have equivalent energy to ATP, but are just “less common currencies”. Interesting there is an interchange between intergenerational inheritance (DNA) and an energetic currency (ATP) 3/3.”

Note the 3 characters at the end of each Tweet. In Tweet 1, it is “1/n”, in Tweet 2, it is “2/n”, and in Tweet 3, it is “3/3”. Use “n” as a placeholder for total Tweets.

This reminded me of how I number my notes pages taking analog notes on notebook paper (someone edit the word “note-” from this sentence!). At the bottom right hand corner, I write “1/  “, “2/  “, and so on, until the final page, when the “n” is evident. When I know the total of pages, I go back and fill in the blanks with the total number of pages. This method has the added advantage of making us cast glances across the notes we have just taken to quickly re-absorb the information into our subconscious for later percolating.

Adenosine (Part 2)

I had asked the adenosine questions – the series of questions, rather – because of an article that S111 made me search for.

For reference, here are the questions, which I should probably put above in Adenosine Part 1, but I’m way behind my word count due to Climathon and today I’m catching up on stuff. So:


“I “know” that ADP and ATP cycle through each other. But how do our bodies make ADP/ATP in the first place?

Do the sugar part & the other part un-bond and rebond or does ADP just hang out until it becomes ATP?

Do we have a “set number” throughout our lives?

#SciComms #phdchat

I wasn’t sure who to tag here, @ or hash types.

So. I was learning about phases of matter at S111, and the question popped into my mind:

Jax’s Mind: What phase state is adenosine normally in? Is that even a valid question??

So naturally, I went over to Google and put in something like “ATP phase” and saw lots of things come up. But one particular link somewhere mid-result-page really drew my attention, and let me see if I can find it somewhere…

Well, I’ll find it at some point TODO.

BASICALLY, ATP – a smaller amount of it than the researchers expected – is in the nucleus. Really, what it does is it is the solvent that allows some proteins and magnesium (CHOCOLATE!!!!) ions to move through the body (of a cell? I presume? Between cells? I never formally studied biology at school, this is all like love – exciting and new – to me.


TODO Songwriters and singers


The Love Boat Theme

Runningcommentary: Mom says her water broke when she was watching “The Love Boat”. That might make a lot of sense. I can’t remember what I was watching now off the top of my head when my water broke, but I can definitely remember I was watching something.


What was your mom perceiving/sensing when her water broke for you?


If you had a uterus from which a tiny human emerged, what were you perceiving when the mucus plug that sealed and protected your fetus-to-newborn… un-sealed?


Does it figure into what your New Human Teammate Form – is it a clue as to what their role in life is or eventually will be?

So back to ATP/ADP. Also, they noticed (I really ought to find this paper now – I do have it somewhere TODO) that there is something about hormones, especially estrogen, that is related to a surge in AXP (where X in this section = D, T) locally, temporarily, that cannot be explained by the AXP created by mitochondria.

I do remember “mitochondria” from 6th grade science class at Sacred Heart, thank you Mrs. Heck! Mrs. Heck, was it? I feel like she might have been my science teacher then. It was Mrs. Johnson whose homeroom I was in… Or Mrs. Gilroy’s. I’m getting mixed up between 6th and 7th grade, sorry! Also the order of my English words is suffering in the translation from brain to typing. Anyway, another cool fact is that Mrs. Heck was the wife of Andy Heck, who was a football player for the Seattle Seahawks. I can’t recall if he was the quarterback, but he might have been. At the time, my dream school was the University of Washington, I loved the Huskies, and every Rose Bowl I’d wear the letterman jacket Mom and Dad got me from the University Bookstore just near QFC and I’d cheer them on. This is warm data in action, and material for Kathy Loves Physics, should I ever make a name for myself in the world of science.

So. Back to ATP/ADP. From @InferenceActive’s response, it looks like too that you can eat and absorb AXP????? Among other things. That’s… mind-boggling and I’m going to dig into this. But meanwhile, here are some more tidbits.

I don’t know what AMP is, so I have to look that up, but perhaps after this bio break because my body is telling me it needs to empty its bladder after much water and coffee.

Okay, so back to ATP/ADP. Here are the tidbits:

ATP/ADP are why breath (oxygen, I have usually thought of it, but other gases too?) and water (oxygen and hydrogen) are so important. AXP are the currency of the body budget.

Proteins are the pathways of life. This is a huge insight I got from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. It is bio 101, the easy AF intro to bio I wish I had and NOW I DO, thanks Ben. Basically, from what I glean from pages 32 to 35, is that electromagnetic forces working with gravity and other forces make proteins of all kinds twitch to make us move. I’m still going through the material.

Coffee – caffeine – works by inhibiting some sort of something in our brains – something related to adenosine receptors. Caffeine is like putting a brick under the brake pedal. Something about avoiding adenosine build-up, which is related to feeling heavy of head and needing to sleep. I did a ton of research on this in 2013 when I went home to help care for Dad and try to help with the family coffee business, but could only really get myself to geek out on researching coffee and the brain.

There is this book by Matthew Walker and a great TED talk that Mama forwarded to us about sleep. Caffeine makes spiders weave totally wonky webs, worse than when they are on cocaine (yes, they experimented on that).

Finally the last tidbit is something about the state of semi-sleep, a sleep like dream like state I have entered intermittently and completely memorably indelibly throughout the past 12 months. This all has something to do with the fact that over the past 3 weeks or so, I have been operating at optimum on some sort of weird sleep schedule, fluctuations in temperature, almost consistent mental quickness, physical activity (the school literal run, sometimes bike, always in a rush has been critical) and walks back with The Boss, carrying her intermittently. Ate Jeng, you have asked how I do it all – well, it has something to do with these tidbits and this novel.

So. The Boss is awake, and I now tend to her, our household needs, with great love and gratitude in my heart for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. She’ll be coming out of her toddler bed any minute now, and bursting into the living room where I sit.


Dr. Bruce Lipton


The Biology of Belief TODO link


Matthew Walker



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