Book Review: “The Village” by Bing West

The Village by Bing West My rating: 5 of 5 stars A well-told little-known story about the Vietnam War that people should know. I'm a newbie to war details, so I had to learn some terminology (e.g. "Bobby was at point" means that Bobby was the guide, marching at the front of the patrol) and … Continue reading Book Review: “The Village” by Bing West

Lasers: Guns and Forcefields

How do lasers work (including an attempt to explain an Einstein theory using the word “tickle”)? What’s the latest on laser weapons? Is it possible to construct a laser forcefield that lets some things pass through but not others (and if they try the get blown up)? In which I continue to build the setting … Continue reading Lasers: Guns and Forcefields