[SFT] Synopsis

Thirty years after a devastating global war with creatures that mysteriously appear one day, mankind and monster have settled into an uneasy coexistence. Creatures come out at night to feed on humans, who live in a feudal system of stark inequality where only the richest don’t have to live in fear.

That fragile equilibrium is now under threat. The creatures are becoming immune to even the most advanced arsenal that humans have. And they’re getting bigger and badder. A new, more powerful weapon is under development, but can this help save the world? Or will it make things worse?

Special TaskForce Agent Riley Pritchard is thrown up against creatures, shenanigans and a monster to help save humanity. Amidst gangs, precocious rich kids, an omnipotent defence corporation and a beleaguered US government, Agent Pritchard bounces back and forth between New York City and Washington, DC to do her job.

But things aren’t always as they seem. With the help of her nerdy cousin in Seattle and an unexpected ally, Agent Pritchard finds that there might be another way to solve the creature menace, and that the creatures might not be the biggest threat to humanity after all…

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