Here We Go Again

Some Other Beginning's End Hey there. It's closing time for some old stuff. SFT has once again morphed, and here's the caterpillar picture: You are already looking at the butterfly - check out the new old header. When I started this blog, it was for [SFT], a sci-fi novel. So we have come full circle, … Continue reading Here We Go Again

To Inpsire & Equip Everyone Here

BABWorks Birmingham Core Team (L-R): Reese, Ali, Jax (yes those are boots, it was still cold in April... I'm a tropical girl, come on.), Stacey, Jordan, Phil, Liam (Content Partner); Sonja (BABWorks  Zurich) From My Story… At the end of 2014, after a long flight from Manila via Dubai, I landed in “Mordor”. At least … Continue reading To Inpsire & Equip Everyone Here