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Little Tree

Has a beginning, middle and end. Published and available for sale as draft/beta editions. Research, writing, and editing in progress. Some need covers or cover design.


2018 Easy Accounting and Finance Introduction Sourcebook: Beta Edition

Humans re-organize themselves and natural resources to satisfy needs.

Basic accounting and finance for beginners, confused and adventurous

Website: www.easyafintro.com

At Amazon.co.uk. (Needs to be updated to capitalism that alleviates suffering.)

Non-Fiction | Accounting | Finance

Earth, International, 2018

63,831 Words


2081 [SFT] Science Fiction Thriller

Treat others as if they were monsters and that’s what we get – monsters.

Underdogs face trauma head-on, world turns topsy-turvy

At Amazon.co.uk.

Science Fiction | Thriller

New York City, Washington D.C., Seattle, 2081

149,147 Words




Has a beginning, middle and end. Research, editing, and writing in progress. Need covers and publishing, etc.

1946 Resurgam

We can lose ourselves and treat others badly when we insist on being right.

Friends, strangers test relationships unravelling a mysterious map mystery

Literary Fiction

London, 1946

50,640 Words


201[5]: [KYS] Know Your Self

The two most important questions humans must answer at any given moment are: “Who am I?” and “What am I alive to do?”

Physical science, social science, religion and philosophy, the arts, and technology unite

Written right before the pandemic, not sure how to continue…

London, 2015

70,209 Words

2020: Kwento at Ekonomiko (Stories and Economics)

Life is but a stream of consciousness.



Some words written, no ending yet. Research in progress.

[RnB] Red and Blue

Ideas flow through space-time – orbiting and colliding seamlessly through all things, people included.

Childhood friends flee old lives, double helix journey – reunite

Historical Fiction

From English Village to Istanbul, 1400’s

20,008 Words



Ideas percolating in thoughts and fragments.

  • [MSS] Musical Secret Society. Sci-Fi Fantasy.
  • [Untitled] Literary Fiction, 1,288 Words